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(a lovely bot…)

Looking for a bot for changing in articles and categories wrong [[Катеґорія:Kраїны]] (Latin K !) in [[Катеґорія:Країны]].


Budelberger 16:04, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) (). (Where to ask such requests ?)[одповісти]

You may place your request at en:Wikipedia:Bot requests. Some global bot might help us. --Gleb Borisov 16:13, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
No, thank you : I hate global anything (bots, sysop owners…) ; my good friend EmausBot is sleeping… VolkovBot too… --Budelberger 16:32, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) () (How can we say « Wikipedia:Bot requests » in Rusyn, in order to create here our own Page ? « Вікіпедія:Завданя для ботів » ?)[одповісти]
Hello, the request page for bots could be Вікімедія:Задачі про ботів Gazeb 16:46, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
Done. Mjbmr Talk 18:31, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)
One word : « ممنونم ! » (?)
73 edits in 4 minutes… Fast Mjbmrbot, thanks. --Budelberger 19:23, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) ().[одповісти]
You're welcome, anyways i run my bot from toolserver that's becuase it's so fast ! :) Mjbmr Talk 21:01, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)

Adding a template to an article[едітовати жрідло]

Can a bot :

  • read a category for templates
  • read each template
  • edit existent articles this template links to
  • add at the end of the body of this article this template (a categorizing template)

Example :

Budelberger 23:10, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET) ().[одповісти]

Yes, it's quite easy. I thing it's not necessary for 3 articles - this could be made by hands for each article, but if it were 10 or more articles - of course it would be hi time to ask a bot --A1 23:28, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
Is there some page such as en:Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval? --A1 23:31, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
It's an example ; there are 10 templates and 61 existent articles in Категорія:Шаблоны окресів на Словеньску. --Budelberger 03:08, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) (). (See here.)[одповісти]
Should be a list on a category so a bot can check them, i think this way doesn't work Mjbmr Talk 09:21, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)
Okaye, Achaemenid ! I've created a test list here ; first field is « * », second existent article, third, the template to add before {{Русиньскы села на Словеньску}} : you can edit this page before doing your test. Within the same edit, can you add something else in the articles ? After the first word of the article, usually article name in bold, add « space(по {{язык+sk|XXXXX}}) », where XXXXX is what we find at the end of the article, in the interwiki section, in « [[sk:XXXXX]] », e. g. Андріёва : « Андріёва (по {{язык+sk|Andrejová}}) »; see e. g. Кожухівцї. Thanks. --Budelberger 15:51, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) ().[одповісти]
I tried to process 3 articles where "окрес Ґелніца" was needed - please look, did you mean this? --A1 21:27, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
Yes, but no. Yes, if you are a bot, no if you are a man, even if you use AWB. In my opinion, one edit is not one modification ; useful edits must do some modifications, within the same edit : wikification, adding lines, removing lines, interwikifying, etc. ; e. g. this edit ; compare with this one (not because of the wrong template). (Remember that I am a rue-¼ User ; so, I'm doing only technical edits.) --Budelberger 23:29, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) ().[одповісти]
Agree. --A1 23:36, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]

New pages for Rusyn villages[едітовати жрідло]

Can a bot create stub new pages for all mising Rusyn villages from Шаблона:Русиньскы_села_на_Словеньску?

'''Ольшавіця''' є село в [[окрес Левоча|окресї Левоча]].

{{Окрес Левоча}} {{Русиньскы села на Словеньску}} {{Стыржень}} Gazeb 08:34, 5 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]

Hello, this request is not needed. --Gazeb 16:46, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
¡Ola! Do you have your own bot, or only your hands ?… --Budelberger 17:03, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET) ().[одповісти]
I do not have bot, I created simple bash script to generate these pages and then they were inserted manually to the wiki. --Gazeb 17:14, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]


A bot needed to create some useful redirections ; list is here.


Budelberger (   ) 15:30, 10 фебруара 2011 (CET).[одповісти]


Here one can find my requests. Generally I use this pattern :
* [[Article]](tab)<nowiki>Text in this article</nowiki>

Thank you,

Budelberger (   ) 20:28, 12 фебруара 2011 (CET).[одповісти]

Change of namespace names[едітовати жрідло]

Hello, could some fast bot change namespace names in all pages? After Wikipedia update were installed Rusyn namespace names and we need to change all Ukrainian.

[[Катеґорія: to [[Катеґорія:
Шаблона: to Шаблона:
[[Хоснователь: to [[Хоснователь:
Діскузія з хоснователём to Діскузія з хоснователём

The sooner the better. Thanks. --Gazeb 16:57, 16 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]

I'll try to start. --Emaus 22:35, 16 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]
thank you. --Gazeb 18:49, 18 фебруара 2011 (CET)[одповісти]