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Hello Youngstown Toast, When you have some time, could you take a look at the English article: en: Stefania Turkewich? She was the first woman composer of classical music in Ukraine. Could you do a shortened article about her for the Rusyn Wikipedia? Last year I asked a number of editors in the Rusyn Wikipedia to take a look at this, and if you're interested and would like to try it, I'm sure they would come in and help you. Nicola Mitchell (діскузія) 21:41, 17 януара 2022 (CET)Відповісти[одповісти]

@Nicola Mitchell Hi. My knowledge of Rusyn is very limited but I'll try to write an article with the help of some friends. --YoungstownToast (діскузія) 23:48, 17 януара 2022 (CET)Відповісти[одповісти]
Thank you! Nicola Mitchell (діскузія) 12:31, 18 януара 2022 (CET)Відповісти[одповісти]

Hi, Youngstown Toast! You have made a blunder, renaming Абауйсолнок to Солнок. The first is a small village in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in nothern Hungary, the second is a town in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county in central Hungary. Please, contact some global admin to quickly delete your redirection from ruewiki, because it blocks the restoring of the correct naming. --Igor Kercsa (діскузія) 09:54, 1 марца 2022 (CET)Відповісти[одповісти]

My apologies. I'll fix it right away! Thank you for telling me. YoungstownToast (діскузія) 18:02, 1 марца 2022 (CET)Відповісти[одповісти]

Hello YoungstownToast, Would you be able to give this article just a start in the Rusyn language Wikipedia, with an introductory sentence or paragraph? Nicola Mitchell (діскузія) 14:33, 7 апріля 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]

InternetArchiveBot vandalising[едітовати жрідло]

Please, help me stop InternetArchiveBot on rue-wiki, if you can. It continuosly mark live links as dead. all vandalising of today needs rollbacking --Igor Kercsa (діскузія) 21:51, 17 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]

@Cyberpower678.—Iluvatar (діскузія) 23:13, 17 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]
Can you provide examples? Cyberpower678 (діскузія) 14:06, 18 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]
I have discovered that the issue is with identifying twirpx.com links. The bot is not able to access that domain for some reason. I have marked the domain as alive and begun investigations on what's happening here. All bad edits have been reverted. —CYBERPOWER (діскузія) 16:08, 18 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]
I'll try to contact a global admin or something. YoungstownToast (діскузія) 04:32, 18 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]
Not necessary. If the bot is causing problems, there are instructions on it's userpage on how to stop it. —CYBERPOWER (діскузія) 14:11, 18 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]
Thank you all for help! Igor Kercsa (діскузія) 19:49, 18 авґуста 2022 (CEST)Відповісти[одповісти]